Get your mojo on at the Rhythm Heaven Fever launch party

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Rhythm Heaven Fever is all about keeping up with the beat while watching pop art characters and items on screen move in time and it seems like Nintendo is keeping that in mind with its Rhythm Heaven Fever launch event. Really, it’s more like a party. It’s teaming up with both iam8bit and Giant Robot for a massive shindig that will be held February 10, 2012 in Los Angeles and, best of all, you can attend if you live in the area.

The Rhythm Heaven Fever party will be held at the iam8bit gallery, where attendees can play the game, look at art, listen to music, have a snack and get some freebies. It’s going to be wild. It’ll also probably be quite busy, so if you want to get in and get free swag like a shirt or poster, you’ll need to get there early. The event starts at 6pm, and will end 10pm.

Nintendo has a few other things planned for the event. First is a photo play set for photo ops. You’ll be able to dress up and pose with Rhythm Heaven Fever props. There will also be an interactive video experience. Nintendo will be filming people at the event and those videos will eventually be posted online.

Just once, I wish one of these awesome launch parties would be held in the midwest. Chicago’s one of the United States’ biggest cities, Nintendo!

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