Rift mimics the free-to-play experience with Rift Lite

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Trion Worlds is taking a cue from Activision Blizzard when it comes to Rift. Not long ago, World of Warcraft adopted a practice where newcomers could play the game for free until they reach level 20, to allow people to get a taste of the MMORPG. Now, Trion Worlds has announced it will do the same with Rift and has introduced the world to Rift Lite.

Rift Lite will be exactly like the full Rift game. People who jump in can totally experience the game, including all events. They won’t have to pay a thing. They also won’t be forced to only play for a certain amount of time. As long as they’re below level 20, they can log in and enjoy themselves in what is one of the best demos ever. Once level 20 has been reached, free play is over and people have to subscribe if they want the adventures to continue.

Trion Worlds will introduce Rift Lite into Rift once patch 1.7 Carnival of the Ascended goes live. So existing Rift players don’t feel bad, Carnival of the Ascended will also include better equipment, dungeon crawling and PvP. The Caduceus Rise dungeon will also be added into the game, as well as the River of Souls Chronicle and the ability to take part in Ascended Weddings.

If you like Rift after reaching level 20, you can then start paying a monthly fee to play. The level cap for the game is 50, so you’ll still have plenty to do. A monthly subscription is $14.99. If you realy like the game, a multi-month plan would probably be best as the price-per-month drops the longer you’re willing to commit. A three month subscription is $38.97 ($12.99 per month), a six month subscription is $65.94 ($10.99 per month) and a year is $99 ($8.25 per month).

A definite launch date for Rift Lite has yet to be set. You may want to bookmark the Rift homepage and check by over the next few weeks so you can be there when the program starts.

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