Red Mile gets licensing rights to create Sin City games

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Game makers Red Mile Entertainment, Inc., announced today that it has “entered into a multi-year, worldwide license agreement to develop and to publish video games based on the “Sin City” series of graphic novels by writer/artist and film director Frank Miller. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.”

The graphic novel series, published by Dark Horse Comics, is set in a gritty, crime-ridden world and often features black-and-white art with splashes of color to highlight particular aspects of the story. The first Sin City film was released in 2005 and a second is expected to be released in 2008.

From the press release:

“Sin City enjoys a broad and devoted following. Its crime noir settings, richly detailed characters, hyper-real action sequences, and engaging stories provide an outstanding groundwork for video games,” said Chester Aldridge, CEO of Red Mile Entertainment.

No word yet on which graphic novels – or films – the game will be based, release date or systems.

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