Free Xbox Live Gold access for Mass Effect 3 has restrictions

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Microsoft’s generous offer to give a few weeks of Xbox Live Gold to everyone who downloads the Mass Effect 3 demo was too good to be true. While Microsoft is technically granting Gold access by allowing everyone to download and play the Mass Effect 3 demo at the same time, it’s not throwing in all the benefits a Gold membership traditionally comes with.

Unlike the free Xbox Live Gold weekend (which ends today), access to additional services such as Netflix, ESPN, Hulu Plus and will not magically activate after downloading the Mass Effect 3 demo. BioWare made this clear in a forum post.

“Microsoft is removing membership restrictions from the ME3 demo,” wrote BioWare’s Community Coordinator Chris Priestly. “Normally if a player does not have XBox Live Gold, they would not be able to download the demo until a week after it is released, and would not have access to the multiplayer features of the demo. In this case, all players will be able to download the demo when it releases and all players will be able to play multiplayer in the demo regardless of Xbox Live membership level starting February 14 (for early access participants) or February 17 (all other players).”

I suppose Mass Effect 3 is the bait to make Xbox Live seem more attractive. What better way to get customers than to give them something for free?


Via [BioWare Forums]

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