Gameloft Live! service arrives in the Android Market

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If you play a lot of Gameloft games, you may have noticed its online service called Gameloft Live! Gameloft Live! is essentially Gameloft’s take on Xbox Live. It governs the multiplayer functionality of games such as Uno and Modern Combat. Up until now, a base level Gameloft Live! was accessible from its games. With the standalone Gameloft Live! application from the Android Market, you can partake in all that Gameloft’s online service has to offer.

Gameloft Live! takes cues from Xbox Live with the addition of customizable avatars, achievement points and access to the entire Gameloft Live! community. There’s also additional membership benefits such as promotional discounts and Gameloft-centric news. It also wouldn’t quite be a modern social community without the option of spending real money. That’s where Gameloft cash comes into play. Gameloft’s virtual currency is used to buy more avatar items and personalized spaces.

Check out my avatar in his natural habitat below. Also feel free to add me, Reno187 on Gameloft Live!.

Download Link [Android Market]

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