Skylanders: Giants revealed for Fall release

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By now we should all know that whenever Activision has a money maker on its hands, it will exploit the franchise until it stops oozing profits. One of Activision’s latest cash cows was Skylander’s: Spyro’s Adventure. It was released last year and customers are still having a difficult time finding Skylanders figures in stores. This fall, Activision will keep the gravy train rolling with Skylanders: Giants.

Skylanders: Giants isn’t an expansion on the original game. Instead, Skylanders: Giants is brand new adventure that will feature eight giant characters that are two times larger than other Skylanders. Skylanders: Giants will also feature more than 12 additional characters/toys.

Skylanders: Giants figurines also come embedded with “light technology” that allows the toys to light up when they’re around the Portal of Power. These toys will also get more in-game powers as well.

Best of all, your Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure characters will all be compatible with Skylanders: Giants.

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