Markus Persson wants to help make Psychonauts 2 happen

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Psychonauts is an undisputed classic. It’s left fans begging for a sequel. However, to do it up right would require a hefty investment. That’s something that Tim Schafer doesn’t have at the moment. So we’ve had to content ourselves with Double Fine’s other finely crafted games. But, there could be hope as Markus “Notch” Persson of Mojang, creator of Minecraft, is a Psychonauts fan too.

See, Notch is rich. So he could easily afford to help finance a Psychonauts 2. Which he has just offered to do. Notch sent a tweet over to Schafer saying, “Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen.” People went wild, with many retweeting and favoriting his tweet. When Rock, Paper, Shotgun debated if it was worth reporting, Notch then responded that he is absolutely serious about helping Schafer get Psychonauts 2 made.

This could honestly be a perfect match. Notch has the money, an obvious love for the original Psychonauts and respect for Schafer and Double Fine’s abilities. Which means if the project went through, Schafer and Double Fine would have complete creative freedom to make a worthy Psychonauts sequel. After all, we have to know if Raz and the rest of the Psychonauts manage to save Truman Zanotto!

Read [Rock, Paper, Shotgun] Via [Kotaku]

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