Corpse Party gets even more portable with iOS incarnation

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Even though Corpse Party is an obscure game here in North America, it’s really popular over in Japan. It went from a doujin game, to an enhanced and expanded PSP game and now the PSP version is getting an iOS port. It’s full name now is Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear, but we’ll just stick with Corpse Party for now.

Corpse Party is a horror adventure game with some very mild RPG elements. Some students at Kisaragi Academy are spending time at school after dark, telling ghost stories. That’s what you do when your school is built on the ruins of another school that was torn down because people kept mysteriously disappearing and dying there. Once the stories are done, the kids decide to perform the Sachiko Ever After ritual, involving ripping apart a paper doll and keeping pieces to symbolize their eternal friendship. Once the ritual’s completed, a huge earthquake hits, splitting everyone up and sending them into some kind of weird dimension where they’re all trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary, the school where bad stuff happened. Players’ job is to keep everyone alive. It’s difficult.

The iOS port will be identical to the PSP port. It’ll include all of the extra characters and storylines, making a more complete adventure for anyone playing. Touch screen controls will also be implemented. Not to mention this horror game will also carry a shocking price of ¥2,200 (~$29) when it’s released on the Japanese iTunes store February 9, 2012.

An English-language port of Corpse Party seems pretty unlikely since it’s such a niche game. However, XSEED did handle the English language port of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls for the PS3 and the English iOS port of that would up on iTunes. XSEED’s localization of Corpse Party was pretty great so I’m rooting for a release just because it means more exposure for a really unique game. Just keep in mind that it is pretty graphic and scary despite its retro appearance, so don’t go buying it if you’re squeamish or under the age of 18. The PSP version received a “Mature” rating when it was released here.

Read [Famitsu (Japanese)]

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  • Alice

    im under the age 18 but i seriosly want to play it and i also saw a video in the game on youtube so should i play the game or not

    PS.Are they really gonna make an anime or is it just what people say

    • Jenni Lada

      It is pretty gruesome and scary. It depends how old you are. It’s one of those things where if you’re around 13, you should definitely have a parent’s permission.

      Also, from what I hear there is no anime adaptation planned. However, there is a joke sequel in development, as well as a true sequel.

  • Chloe Bolt

    Im also under 18 but I’m totally getting it:) Yes they did make an anime and it is so gross:( Be Prepared;)