Mewtwo is Pokemon White and Black players’ Valentine this year

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Dust off your copies of Pokemon White and Black! You’ll soon have work to do. A very special pokemon is going to show just how much he loves you by toying with the minds of every other virtual monster. Who’s that pokemon? It’s Mewtwo!

Yes, Nintendo has announced another Pokemon distribution event. Between February 16-28, 2012, you can turn on your DS or 3DS and select Mystery Gift to get a Mewtwo Wonder Card item. If you already have 11 Wonder Cards right now, go make sure you’ve received all the pokemon that went with them from deliverymen at Pokemon Centers in the game. If there’s no deliveryman in your closest PokeCenter, you’re fine. You’ll be able to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, get your Mewtwo Wonder Card and the next thing you know, he’ll be waiting at a PokeCenter for you. Just make sure you have five or less pokemon with you at the time and you can take him on some adventures.

This event is for people in both North America and Europe. I bet you feel silly now, after being jealous of the Japanese Pokemon Black and White owners who got their Mewtwos back in September or October, 2011. Just like the Japanese Mewtwo that was distributed, this one is a level 70 pokemon, comes in a Cherish Ball, is holding a King’s Rock and knows the moves Aura Sphere, Electro Ball, Psystrike and Shadow Ball.

In Japan, Mewtwo was released a little over a year after Pokemon Black and White was released, to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game. If you’d like, you can pretend that’s why it took until February 2012 for us to get him as well, even though the game was released the first week of March 2011 outside of Japan.

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