Skyrim 1.4 patch should hit consoles Thursday

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Well that didn’t take too long did it? PC players have been rolling around in Skyrim‘s improved world since the release of patch 1.4 at the beginning of the month, but PS3 and Xbox 360 players are about to get their chance too. Bethesda tweeted not too long ago the PS3 patch for Skyrim should be available sometime tomorrow. The Xbox 360 patch should also go live early tomorrow morning.

Both platforms will benefit from the large number of general bug and quest fixes the patch will bring, but PS3 players should be especially excited about this patch. Many players have been plagued by crippling frame rate issues ever since Skyrim was released. This patch promises to correct those issues. Specifically, the patch notes say the patch improves “long term play optimizations for memory and performance.”

We’ll keep an eye on social media to see if this patch actually does fix Skyrim‘s biggest problems.

Via [Bethesda Twitter]

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  • brandon

    i am very very happy bout this :))))))