Mia J. Park appearing in AdventureQuest Worlds’ Valentine’s event

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Artix Entertainment likes to bring newcomers in the entertainment business into its games to help expand its fans horizons and give the performers a chance to connect with people who might enjoy their creations. It’s decided to do that for Valentine’s Day, with a special AQWorlds Valentine’s Day Event on February 10, 2012 at 7pm EST, starring Mia J. Park.

Mia J. Park is a new, Australian singer. She’s just starting to develop a following and will be starring in the event as a new character called a Mer’angel. She’ll be providing full voice acting for her character, as well as singing songs from her Metamorphosis album. She’ll also have a special Valentine’s Day gift for fans in the form of a new song she wrote just for AdventureQuest Worlds.

The event itself is going to be romantic, which is fitting given the season. Players join J6 the bounty hunter in attempting to stop a Mer’angel, which is kind of like a siren, from singing. It’s not that she’s a bad singer, but her songs are making the boats crash or disappear into a storm. When you finally reach her, it turns out she’s not trying to hurt anyone. Rather, she’s trying to save a couple who has been cursed and lure heroes to aid them with her music. Now that she’s found the players and J6, everyone gets sucked into the maelstrom portal to the Underworld to break the curse.

If you want a quick preview, Artix shared a Youtube video of Mia J. Park’s “Ever After,” her first single, in the Valentine’s Day event update. This is who you’ll be hearing if you log into AdventureQuest Worlds tomorrow to play.

She’s not bad. It’s not normally the kind of music I’d listen to, but good for her getting the opportunity to increase her fanbase by participating in this event.

Remember, this event is happening tomorrow at 7pm EST. If you miss it, that’s it and you don’t get to help reunite the couple!

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