Double Fine Adventure passes $1 million in Kickstarter pledges

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Yes, dreams do come true. Or maybe it’s creative begging? Whatever the case may be, the Kickstarter campaign for the game Double Fine Adventure has now passed the $1 million pledge mark with 32 days remaining.

The campaign gained some notoriety for making $400, er, $500, well a bunch of money in less than a day. It’s barely even two days in and the Double Fine team has now passed $1 million with close to 30,000 backers (and likely many more by the time you read this).

The campaign is not without controversy as some people are complaining that Double Fine is not really “indie” and to make this much money from a typically indie crowd funding site is a bit uncouth.  (Read GamerAnx‘s post for a pointed rebuttal to the complaints).

Double Fine has had significant success including Psychonauts and console game Brutal legend. The Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter campaign offers the usual pledge levels but, if you kick in more than $15,000 (which they promote on their company web site, not on the Kickstarter site) and they start promising silliness like dinners with the president and devs. Pledge more than $50K and you get to be a character in the game.

What do you think: Is Double Fine’s insanely fast funding campaign good of bad for the game industry? How about for other indie developers and studios?

Pledge [Double Fine Adventure @ Kickstarter] Read [GamerAnx]

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