NASA invites kids to play moon game

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NASA is currently looking for kids age 13-18 who can spend at least an hour of their time to play Selene, a game that will help teach children about the moon.

Mind you, this is not the typical, boring educational games that teaches children the ABC’s or other school subjects through a purple clad mascot. Selene, named after the lunar Greek goddess, involves a quest, just like most other role-playing games though players won’t be able to finish if they don’t know facts about the moon. It helps to teach children about rock formation, craters, volcanoes and gases in its atmosphere. It teaches children the geography of the moon and how it came about to its current state.

Through Selene, NASA hopes to be able to better determine which type of video games will prove to be effective learning tools for children. NASA expects to have results within the year.

Selene is Windows based and requires Internet Explorer 6, Flash 8 and Java 1.4.

The study is being held at The Classroom of the Future at Wheeling Jesuit University’s Center for Educational Technologies (CET). For parents who would like their children to take part of this program, they can register their kids directly at the CET. They can also visit Selene’s website for more details. Sorry, kid, you really need your mom or dad’s consent to play the astronaut’s game. But if you are 18 already, go ahead and sign up yourself for an exciting virtual trip to the moon.

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