Double Fine was in the perfect position to launch a Kickstarter campaign

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$1,591,298 from 44,643 backers. Those are the current numbers from Double’s Fine’s Kickstarter campaign. Double Fine got way more than it was expecting when it started this thing. It just goes to show you how much love gamers have for developers they feel have a genuine passion for what they do. In Tim Schafer’s case, it doesn’t hurt to have a cult classic under your belt either. Given the enormous success Double Fine has had fund raising, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more developers going the Kickstarter route. Those developers may not receive the same kind of widespread attention because Double Fine is in a very unique position.

To be fair, there were plenty developers that used Kickstarter to obtain funds to make its games well before Double Fine got the idea. There was even a NASA MMO back in August 2011 that was hoping to raise at least $25,000 (which it did). Double Fine came in with good vibrations on its side. This is the same developer whose future was somewhat uncertain after Brutal Legend turned out to be a mild disappointment. We all wanted Brutal Legend to be a hit. We wanted Double Fine to succeed because the employees are just so darn likable. Double Fine gained even more popularity thanks to its unconventional “Amnesia Fortnight” project which spawned the likes of Stacking, Costume Quest, Iron Brigade and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. It’s latest release is Double Fine Happy Action Theater for Kinect. All of these games were very unique and well received.

Double Fine is at the height of its popularity. It has the public on its side, and it’s promising to capitalize on gamer nostalgia for a classic point-and-click adventure game that’s being led by Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert.

Perhaps most importantly, Double Fine is sidestepping publishers. Its new game won’t have to deal with the bureaucracy that’s often associated with big publishers. Double Fine is making the game it wants without worrying about what the suits upstairs think. In an industry that has been littered with studio closures and anti-consumer online passes, there’s no better time to stick it the man.

Double Fine possesses all the necessary elements for a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. However, I believe other developers are going to jump on the Kickstarter train with the hopes of having similar success. This, of course, won’t be possible. Double Fine is the underdog. It’s the developer no one thought would make it. It’s led by the man who famously called Bobby Kotick a “total prick.” Double Fine’s story is playing out like a fairy tale – a fairy tale that simply can’t be easily duplicated.

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