The original Portal gets cloned for Android

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Have you ever wondered if it was possible to play Portal on your Android device? If so, the answer you’re looking for has finally been answered. Russian Android developers have managed to clone a very small section of the original Portal, and bundled it up as a download. The .apk file for the game is available on a Russian forum if you want to try it. However, since we know nothing of the site, we can’t ensure the safety of your device if you choose to download the file.

The full game is not present in the 30MB+ .apk file. This really seems like a proof of concept for a project that’s currently being worked on. Of course, there’s likely no chance we’ll ever see this unofficial version of Portal widely available in the Android Market because Valve will have it taken down immediately. If the developers ever finish the game, it’ll probably only be available in the dark corners of the internet.

Site [4PDA] (Russian) Read [Android Police]

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