Lightning and Amodar DLC doesn’t guarantee either will join your FFXIII-2 party

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Let me set the scene for you. You just paid $3 to add the Lightning and Amodar battle to your Colisseum in Final Fantasy XIII-2. You put together perfect paradigm schemes, did a bit of level grinding and even found a Pulsework Knight to max out with Vitality Bolts for the battle. It takes over 15 minutes and you finally win. You wait for that Spoils victory page to show up so you can see your brand new Lightning and Amodar monster crystals.

They don’t show up.

In a panic, you check your Monsters in the main menu. Maybe you got them, but they didn’t trigger. You run to check the sealed, floating cube in the Colisseum floating near the entrance crystal. Nothing!

That’s because the Lightning and Amodar crystals aren’t guaranteed drops. Congratulations, you just paid Square Enix $3 for the honor of maybe being lucky enough to beat Lightning in Amodar in battle and getting their crystals so they can join your party.

I just encountered this myself and, in a bout of rage and frustration turned to the internet to see if perhaps my experience was flawed or glitched. Sadly, it wasn’t. This is typical for the game and looking to various message boards shows that it isn’t uncommon for people to attempt the fight two, three, ten or even over twenty times without obtaining one or both characters.

If you want the characters, you have to fight for them. Repeatedly. Maybe if you’re lucky, one of the times the stars will align and you’ll acquire them. Apparently, finishing them off with a monster’s Feral Link attack is supposed to increase the odds of getting a crystal.

Am I going to try that battle again in an attempt to recruit either Lightning or Amodar? Sure, I’ll give it one or two more tries. Would I have bought the DLC if I had known Lightning and Amodar wouldn’t instantly join if I won? Nope. For $2.99, I want a guarantee that both characters would be Serah and Noel’s new BFFs after I beat them!

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  • FakerBaker

    You’re making way too much of a deal about this.
    At least the game makes you earn the characters.

    Hey how about the $3 DLC just adds them to your Monster Collection? That seems like a good idea right?

  • Awsm.

    Wow, why download fighting DLC if you don’t enjoy fighting? Just to have characters you won’t use because you don’t already like fighting? It sounds pretty childish to whine about something that has been the same throughout the entire game and complain that 300 pennies is /too/ much? What is this, I don’t even.

  • Jenni Lada

    I don’t know why you’d infer I don’t like fighting. I think the battle system is the best part of both FFXIII and FFXIII-2. I’m still in Chapter 4 because I’ve been level grinding to get the right parts to level up my Chichu and Cactuarina.

    I just was really looking forward to having Lightning or Amodar in my party instead of just having some random monster. It’s disappointing Square Enix wasn’t clearer about how the characters would be obtained. Plus, since people are paying a premium fee for this extra battle, it would have been nice if their crystals would have been auto-drops, or at least have a better drop rate.

  • Sean

    I agree with you, Jenni. The battle itself was pretty fun, but it isn’t exactly like Lightning and Amodar are a random encounter that you can just get anytime. “Earning” her and Amodar should amount to nothing more than beating a somewhat difficult boss battle depending on where you are in the storyline. I’m still in Chapter 4, too, because I’ve been grinding a lot to upgrade some of my monsters, and had I known that I was going to pay $3 for a chance to play the same exact boss battle over and over again with only a small hope that I would actually get the people I paid for, I might have reconsidered.

  • HollywoodSol

    Is this guy really b*tching over $3

  • nuno

    seriously 15 min????
    it takes me about 3….

  • derekpal

    PFFFFFT. You can fight them over and over until you get them.

  • The Astros

    I also agree with Jenni. I am a fan of the game and would love to have these two join my party, but farming lightning is not what I consider fun. Playing the battle a couple times is great because it requires lots of pardigm shifting. However, I now have 6 Lightning crosses and one Sgt’s badge and neither character. I have fought them at least 10 times now and still no drop. There is PLENTY of farming already in the game. That is one thing no FF needs more of. I’m sorry but paying money to farm monsters is all sorts of bullshit.

  • Captain Obvious

    At least, each times you succeeded a battle grant you 3000 gil and 2000 CP.
    Maybe it’s boring fighting them over and over, especially if you have the same amount of chance of encounter a panther in a mall than getting their freaking crystal. ( I fought them 20 times, 5 stars, 3 min and I still don’t have any crystal ), but you can make a petty fortune with them. Oh and if you’re lucky, you can obtain Crystal of life and magic, which is really useful to boost up a all-star rank’s monster.

  • Incognito

    You sound kiiiiiind of childish complaining so much.
    I mean, if the crystals were auto-drop, there would be a good chance that a lot of people would decide to no longer play the DLC Coliseum battle, since the crystals had been obtained, which would therefore waste $2.99 of your money.
    The whole idea is to get you to try your hardest and to use battle smarts with your paradigms and available monsters, not to get a 0 star rating and obtain a prize for that.
    Yes, I do wish that the rate at which their crystals were dropped was higher, since I’ve battled Lightning and Amodar about five or six times with a good star rating and not yet obtained them.
    But yeesh, ever heard of working for what you want?

    If your underwear is in such a twist about this, then just spend less time in Paradigms with a Medic ability in it; Medics lower your overall rating and points. Make up for that by using a monster with the Sentinel role (I normally use a Silver Chocobo or Bunkerbeast) to reduce the overall damage done by attacks to your party. And Sentinels don’t lower your rating.

    • Mon-Mon22

      :/ What? Are you kidding me. Well you go with the flow to much in life. I dont’ care if I sound childish. I’ve struggled through Gilgamesh, Nabaat, and other creatures and I’ve not found them nearly as annoying. They were considerably more difficult than Amodar and Light any day and I still obtained their crystal. And yes their drop rate was higher but it was fair for such a difficult battle. I still didn’t get Gilgamesh’s crystal until my third time beating him and that was in between losing. Amodar and Light….I’ve never lost to them and I still haven’t gotten Amodar’s crystal. Yes you can fight them continously. The battle is fun. But wanting a prize you desire after inummerable times. SE SHOULD NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. Even if I eventually getting the crystal. I still won’t be happy after trying some odd 200 times.

  • Darkness

    Ok why they hell are people complaining about spending $3 seriously is that all the more money you have is that why you are whining? Come on for three dollars you’d be lucky to even get them Now if it was say 30 dollars hell yeah complain about it. But for 3 dollars it’s not even worth whining. As the saying goes you get what you pay for.