Show love for Pandora’s Tower with eerily disturbing valentines

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Pandora’s Tower is an action RPG, Wii game about a young man named Ende who cares so much about his childhood friend Ceres that he’s willing to brave 13 towers to get the flesh of the monsters that live there so Ceres won’t turn into a monster. As people play, their decisions impact Ende and Ceres’ relationship. Depending on how close the characters are, one of six different endings will be seen. So naturally, it’s the perfect game to get a Valentine’s Day tie-in!

Nintendo has just announced that European gamers can start off 2012 right with the April 13, 2012 release of Pandora’s Tower. To celebrate, they can also print out free Valentine’s Day cards to give to people they care about. I suppose you could give them to people you don’t care about as well, given the messages on some cards.

There are five Pandora’s Tower valentine’s available to download from Nintendo’s website. Two are gross, one’s mildly creepy and the other two are just normal. We’re not real big on normal around here, so of course I’m showcasing the two best (grossest) ones here. Just scroll down to the bottom of that website to download the other five cards from the link in the last paragraph.

Pandora’s Tower does not have a North American release date. Furthermore, we do not know if it will ever have a NA release date. Apparently, Nintendo thinks only people in Japan and Europe want RPGs on their Wii, because those are the only regions that will definitely get it. All we can do is hope Xenoblade Chronicles, which originally didn’t have a NA release, sells well enough to convince Nintendo that there are Wii owners who want games that aren’t mini-game collections or geared towards children!

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