Pixel Towers for Android lets you build towers without ripping anyone off

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I admit that when I learned of Pixel Towers, I was immediately afraid we were dealing with another Tiny Tower ripoff. Zynga’s Dream Heights started a big fuss over how bad the copycat market involving smartphone games has become. Since Pixel Towers is an Android game, it would be more likely to fly under the radar if it was a blatant ripoff. Fortunately, Pixel Towers is nothing like Tiny Tower. In fact, I’d consider Tetris to be a more accurate comparison.

Pixel Towers is not about management. You aren’t setting up businesses, attracting residents and making money. Pixel Towers is all about using precise timing to build your tower as high as possible. Here’s how it’s done.

A crane will swing from left to right carrying a horizontal section of the tower to place. Each section has a set number of pieces that also act as lives. For example, you start off with a piece of tower comprised of four sections. If part of that section falls to the ground, you’ll only be able to build with three sections. If you lose another piece, you’ll be reduced to two sections and so forth. There are also power-ups that add one section to your tower blocks, slow down time and add a huge stack of tower blocks to your building.

Pixel Towers also has a retro 2D look and sound. It’s quite pleasing.

This game can be yours for free. It also doesn’t have any adds or microtransactions.

Download Link [Android Market]

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