Kotobukiya includes DLC with Bishoujo Liara, plans Bishoujo Shepard

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The 2012 Toy Fair is going on and there’s plenty for Mass Effect fans to be excited about. Kotobukiya has good news for them. Not only is its Liara T’soni Bishoujo coming out very soon, she’ll have friends. The statue will come with DLC and will have a Bishoujo Commander Shepard to hang out with later this year. And yes, it will be a FemShep Bishoujo figure. We don’t want to see the male version of Commander Shepard posing like that.

The Liara figure is currently available as a $59.99 pre-order and will come with some unknown DLC for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions of Mass Effect 3. It’ll probably be some weapon to use in story mode or the multiplayer matches. She was designed and sculpted by Takaboku “Busujimax” Busujima and is 10″ tall. If you buy her, she’ll arrive looking just like she does in the picture.

The Commander Shepard Bishoujo figure is still a mystery and all we really know is that she has a tenative Q3 2012 release window. The Twitter feed has been following up on any Toy Fair 2012 tidbits relating to it. It retweeted a picture showing the announcement at Kotobukiya’s booth and tweeted a photo of the Commander Shepard statue’s concept art. It looks like it could end up being adorable!

You’re probably wondering why the word “bishoujo” has been added before Liara’s and Commander Shepard’s figures. It’s a line of figures from Kotobukiya that pretty much means pretty girl. Each one is an anime-style recreation of a popular comic or game character. Kotobukiya has so far released Bishoujo Marvel, DC and Tekken character statues. Look forward to more friends for Liara and Commander Shepard, as there are supposedly going to be two more Bishoujo Mass Effect statues. I bet we’ll see a Tali figure soon!

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