Mojang will create a new game in 60 hours

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Mojang, the team that brought us Minecraft, will be working on a new game on February 17. This new game will be built in 60 hours, and the entire thing is going to be streamed live on the internet. Another fun fact is that we are going to be the ones to decide the theme and genre the new game will adapt. 

Mojang is doing all of this for charity with the help of the folks at Humble Bundle. Everyone who donates will get a copy of the game, while the money is donated. As the donations increase, Mojang will start giving away bonus items of an unknown nature.

Here’s the fun part, Mojang will create the game based on pre-selected themes and genres. The selections from each category that receive the most and fewest votes will be combined into the game. In a way, it’s sort of like a real life Game Dev Story. At this time, Mojang’s next game will be a Steampunk inspired, real-time strategy shoot’em up that takes place during World War II. That sounds pretty awesome.

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