Wheels of Destruction joins Sony’s vehicular combat family

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It’s really easy to question why vehicular combat games such as Smash ‘N’ Survive and Wheels of Destruction would rear their heads so shortly after the king of the genre, Twisted Metal, has stormed back onto the scene. Nonetheless, the two aforementioned PSN games are here to stay. It’s only fair for us to give them a fair shake even though they’re in serious danger of getting overlooked.

Wheels of Destruction is going to be a self-published PSN exclusive title from Gelid Games. The PlayStation Blog post that revealed the game’s existence doesn’t really give many details on what makes Wheels of Destruction unique. The post spends a lot of time praising the Unreal Engine. There are a few things we were able to take away though.

Wheels of Destruction is going to utilize driving controls that can be performed with one analog stick. There’s also going to be a class system that gives vehicles advantages and disadvantages. So far, we only know about the speedy Scout class and the armor-heavy tank class.

The debut trailer for Wheels of Destruction is posted below.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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