Update your Humble Bundle for Android games with a special app

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The Humble Bundle for Android was an unexpected delight. We were treated to a handful of quality Android games for whatever price you felt comfortable paying. The games offered in the bundle were delivered as standalone .apk files without going through the Android Market. Because of this, it’s impossible to update the games from the Android Market. To combat this, the Humble Bundle crew created a the Humble Bundle Android App.

The Humble Bundle Android App is designed to check for updates associated with Humble Bundle games. It’s still an alpha build, so you’ll be helping the developers work all the bugs out if you download it.

To get the app, you’ll have to go to your unique Humble Bundle for Android download page (link should be in your email) and download the app. Upon opening it, you’ll be given a special activation code that has to be redeemed on your Humble Bundle for Android page. Once you do that, the app will automatically scan for any updates.

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  • Jenni Lada

    Figured it’d happen after I went the old-fashioned route and got the Astro File Manager and direct-installed the apks. 😛

    Still, very nice and promising. Perhaps we’ll see another Humble Bundle with Android games.