Temple Ran trolls the Android Market

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It’s no secret the Android Market can be a dangerous place. Despite Google’s efforts to weed out harmful apps, there are always some that slip through the cracks. There are also plenty of apps that take advantage of unsuspecting users either for profit or for fun. Temple Ran is one of those apps that doesn’t belong in the Android Market, but it has managed to become the 27th most popular free “game.”

Temple Ran is meant to trick Android users who search the market for Temple Run. Temple Run is one of the most popular iOS games available right now. A real Android version of Temple Run is in the works, but it hasn’t been released yet.

Temple Ran isn’t even a game. It’s just a stick figure that moves left or right. The app’s developer, Pocket Games, is just trolling the Android Market. This developer even has more do-nothing apps in the Android Market as well.

The messed up thing is that Temple Ran has managed to get over 500,000 downloads since it was released at the beginning of the month. Surely people are just being suckered.

I hope Google realizes this app is intentionally misleading and a waste of everyone’s time. Please get rid of it.

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