6 Skylanders go for $1,260 on eBay

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An amazing feat has just occured. Someone in the United Kingdom managed to get their hands on not just one, but six very rare Skylanders figures to use with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. Now, most people who would find even one of these special silver or gold figures would probably cherish it. Not this person. Mickeymousemate went on eBay and sold the six mint-condition characters online.

This isn’t unusual in and of itself. People are selling Skylanders on eBay all the time. It’s probably one of the easiest places o find them. However, this was the first time the gold Chop Chop, Flameslinger and Drill Sergeant and the silver Eruptor, Dino-Rang and Boomer have all been sold together online. It brought out the fans and the auction ended with one person paying £797 for the lot. That’s roughly $1,260.46!

Man, and here I thought I was spending a lot of money when I got the Legendary Skylander figure pack for $24.99!

In case you’ve been in a bomb shelter since Christmas or something, Skylanders is Activision’s latest hit and a Spyro spin-off. It’s an action-adventure game with RPG elements that involves placing figurines on a Portal of Power to bring them to live in the game. These figures each have special properties and abilities that come in handy in certain situations and players need at least one figure from each of the eight elements to unlock every area and aspect of the game. You need a $69.99 starter kit for the 3DS, PS3, Wii or Xbox 360 at the very least to play and it’s actually a really awesome game.

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