Welcome your new PS Vita into the world with a firmware update

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Remember that PlayStation Vita firmware update that was revealed earlier this month? Well it’s now available for you to download if you have a Vita. For those waiting to pick up a Vita tomorrow, you will be greeted with a firmware update the moment you connect the Vita to Wi-Fi. Try not to act surprised. This is a PlayStation product after all.

As previously reported, firmware 1.61 will add a new Maps application to the Vita’s home screen. The Wi-Fi Vita probably won’t get much use out of this in the wild unless it’s connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Even then, your location won’t be tracked as accurately as it would on a 3G Vita with GPS enabled.

The other new features that are in firmware 1.61 include video capture, the ability to post PlayStation Store ratings to Facebook and improved details for Near.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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