XSEED picks up Nintendo’s slack, prepares The Last Story for North America

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Project Rainfall works! The fans took to the internet to tell Nintendo that they wanted three fantastic, Japanese Wii games released outside Japan. First, Xenoblade Chronicles was announced for Europe and then North America. Then, Europe got Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story confirmations. Now, North America knows it is definitely getting The Last Story in Summer 2012! Good for us!

Don’t go cheering on Nintendo in light of this development. Give XSEED a pat on the back instead. It’s the company bringing us The Last Story. I guess Nintendo of America just didn’t want to take a risk on a gorgeous RPG with online multiplayer modes. Not that it matters now. XSEED is a great company and we know they’re capable of handling this. Not to mention we’re really, incredibly grateful for it.

Zael and his friends Dagran, Syrenne and Yurick are mercenaries. They’re from a war-torn and dying mainland to the island of Lazulis. There, people are actually doing well and thriving. The group hopes to get work from Count Arganan as knights so they can settle down. I think we all know it isn’t going to go as planned for Zael. It’s an action RPG, with gameplay that may look a little familiar to people who’ve played the more recent Phantasy Star or Monster Hunter games.

This was yet another announcement from that fantastic Nintendo Direct conference that was held today. It’s good to see the Wii get some love even while Nintendo is trying to drum up more support for the 3DS.

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