Fatal Frame II Wii will unleash crimson butterflies on Europe

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I think Europe is Nintendo’s new favorite region. It’s getting Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower and now Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. Nintendo of Europe took to Twitter to make the announcement that the remake of the PS2/Xbox thriller will once again be scaring people outside Japan.

Fatal Frame II is the tale of two sisters, Mio and Mayu, who stumble upon a deserted, haunted and cursed village. A Crimson Sacrifice Ritual held there years ago went wrong, causing the Repentence to destroy the town and its villagers. Mio and Mayu are now trapped there, with only the Camera Obscura to help them banish ghosts and escape.

The Wii version of Fatal Frame II is an enhanced remake. Japan’s getting it in June 2012 and Europe will have it before 2012 ends. The graphics have been improved, the remote can be used as a flashlight and there will also be some kind of two player mode. Let’s hope it’s based on the Xbox version of the game, as that was a director’s cut edition that had an additional ending.

No word on a North American release, but I’m really hoping we’ll get it as well. The translation work is already done. Plus, Nintendo is taking a chance on the 3DS spin-off Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir.

Read [Nintendo Europe on Twitter]

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