The Nintendo Wii makes the cover of Fortune Magazine

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It seems that the new old kid on the block has defeated all of the naysayers, haters and raving mad fanboys, to become the supreme ruler of this medium known as video games. I point towards the cover of Fortune Magazine and bow humbly to my new leader, Nintendo. Nintendo has taken its new concept of embracing casual gamers and appealing to their delicate sensibilities and are running with it.

The Wii has been the surprise success of the current gen console war, which is evidenced by the unheard of profit off of each console sold (whereas Sony and Microsoft lose money for each sold), and the difficulty still present in actually getting one in a store due to high demand. The article does a great job of profiling Nintendo as a company as well. With sections on the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto and his wonderful creations, this is a must read for any Nintendo fan and any gamer in general. Here’s to the mainstream accepting our hobby.

Link [Joystiq] Via [Fortune]

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