Raving Rabbids bring their wild antics to Facebook

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When those raving Rabbids showed up in the Rayman franchise, it was like the first time Steve Urkel appeared on Family Matters. You got a feeling these characters were about to become the focal point of the franchise.

Sure enough, the Rabbids have gone on to gaming superstardom of their own. It was just a matter of time before they hit Facebook in their own unique style.

Rabbids Invasion is a city builder, one of Facebook’s most popular game genres. Rabbids bring their own special brand of crazy to everything they touch, of course. Instead of building brand new towns, the Rabbids just show up in a city built by people and take over.  They do that by unleashing their silliness on the unsuspecting citizens. The towns start with a mundane appearance and things quickly get wild.  Bland looking brown landscapes burst into colors. That’s a gameplay tactic we’ve seen in titles such as The Saboteur. Once they’ve moved into a building, Rabbids may completely change the appearance of a house or just burn it to the ground.

Ubisoft is obviously poking fun at Facebook games, particularly FarmVille and its ilk. You can staff your buildings with your friends list or purchase “Fake Friends” through in-game currency. City building is certainly a “me too” genre these days, but Ubisoft’s critters bring a built-in fanbase. That’s always a good way to stand out. It doesn’t hurt that the world of social gaming is ripe for parody. According to its Facebook page, the Rabbids Invasion is coming soon.

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