Hulu Plus isn’t on the Vita now, but chances are it will be

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Vita owners can download Netflix right now and start watching their favorite video content on yet another screen. I think it’s fair to assume Sony isn’t done adding applications to the Vita. After all, providing Vita owners with as many media consumption options as possible is very important for growth. As the Vita’s life cycle moves on, there’s a chance it’ll get a Hulu Plus application. In fact, SCEA Senior Vice President Guy Longworth may have already confirmed it.

Longworth was talking about the Vita with The Hollywood Reporter when he mentioned how important mobile devices are to content providers.

“This is a new distribution platform for Hollywood,” Longworth said. “We have a partnership with Netflix and Hulu; this is a new way for them to distribute content.”

We can’t take his comments as a guaranteed fact that Hulu Plus will come to the Vita, but it really seems that way. Hulu Plus is already available on the PS3, iOS, Android and the 3DS is getting it soon too.

Via [Hollywood Reporter]

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