Introducing Batman: Arkham City Lockdown’s new star – Harley Quinn

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Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is starting to make that $5.99 price point seem like a bargain. Warner Bros. Entertainment has just updated the universal iOS app to include lots of new content. If you already bought it, just go ahead and download the version 1.2 updates to start enjoying new skins, a new mini-game, a higher level cap and most importantly, Harley Quinn.

Yes, the update adds a new character to the game. Harley Quinn is only playable in her mission, but that’s a pretty awesome, free add-on. I’m guessing some of the newly added achievements also have something to do with players’ performance in her part of the adventure.

Some other especially notable content added in are a new thug fight for Batman, a free Bruce Wayne skin and a Batarang mini-game. Enjoy those while trying to get Batman up to level 35. You could even do some Critical Strike training as long as you’re in the app.

Warner Bros. also added one new item to the in-app store. If you feel like you need another new Batman costume, there’s a Batman, Inc. skin for 99¢. Personally, I wouldn’t bother since you are already getting a free Bruce Wayne skin after the update.

I’d keep an eye on the Batman: Arkham City Lockdown app. Perhaps we’ll start seeing more supplemental missions where people can play as other characters from Batman: Arkham City for free soon!

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