NBA Elite is dead, NBA Live 13 incoming

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EA Sports basketball sims have been in a state of disarray for a while now.

After the NBA 2K series established dominance, EA changed the name of long running basketball sim from NBA Live to NBA Elite. EA was concerned the very mention of NBA Live was identified with second place. NBA Elite, unfortunately, would become linked with a whole other set of problems. A disastrous demo revealed what a sad state this basketball franchise was in. So the 2010 release of NBA Elite 11 got canceled. Things were so bad the publisher didn’t release a basketball game in 2011 either.

Now EA Sports is rebranding the rebrand.

Some lucky NBA players got to visit EA’s Florida studio during the NBA’s All-Star weekend and Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Kyrie Irving tweeted about NBA Live 13, announcing a name change before the publisher did. With the big news already revealed, EA Sports confirmed that Live is making a comeback.

The new game’s tagline is “The Future of Basketball.” We’ll see about that.

2K Sports has kept right on doing the excellent work that helped put EA in this position. While NBA Live/Elite was making headlines for nearly destroying the franchise, NBA 2K brought Michael Jordan back to the court. The Jordan Challenges earned NBA 2K11 critical acclaim and commercial success. NBA 2K12 took it a step further with the inclusion of not only Jordan, but legends such as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. This latest revamp is now battling not just NBA 2K, but its own spotty history in recent years.

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