Temple Run anticipation opens the door to more Android Market scams

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We touched on a few cases of scam apps over the past week on Android and iOS. One of the misleading Android apps was called Temple Ran. It tricked a lot of people into thinking it was Temple Run by Imangi Studios. For the most part, Temple Ran appeared to be joke rather than an attempt to cash in on unsuspecting customers. However, there are more instances of apps in the Android Market that use the Temple Run name. If you see any of them, we strongly recommend you don’t download them.

A short while ago, someone released an app called Temple Run in the Android Market. They even used Imangi Studios LLC as their company name. This app was a fake, and was allegedly being used to fill phones with malware. The real developers of Temple Run took to Twitter and Facebook to make the public was aware of this particular scam.

“Temple Run is not yet out for Android,” the Tweet read. “The new scam claiming to be Temple Run is a fake that puts malware on your phone. Do not DL. Sigh.”

Imangi Studios told its Facebook audience to wait until an official announcement has been made before assuming Temple Run is available for Android.

“Until we make an official announcement here, any app claiming to be Temple Run or a Temple Run Countdown app on Android is a scam,” Imangi Studios wrote on Facebook. “Please don’t download these apps, as they may infect your phone with malware. We are working with Google to get these apps removed.”

The countdown app Imangi Studios is referring to is called Temple Run Free Fan App. The developer(s) for this app made it clear in the description that the app is not a game. It contains a countdown clock for when the real Temple Run is released, and contains news, cheats and tips for Temple Run. According to reviewers, this app makes users rate it five stars or it won’t function. It is also being accused of placing ads on phones. This is most likely done by reading an individual’s web browsing history and bookmarks as indicated in the app permissions.

All you can do is be patient and wait until Temple Run is officially released for Android. We don’t know when that will be, but we’ll let you know when it’s available.

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