New Chrome extension solves the problem of incompatible Android games

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Android users have been dealing with app fragmentation for a long time. Unfortunately, this practice has also affected gaming on the platform. There have been many times when I wanted to download a game (a Gameloft game for example), only to be told my device is not compatible. I know my smartphone is more than capable of playing just about any game in the Android Market. My phone can play Modern Combat 3, so why can’t it also play Asphalt 5? If you’ve been in a similar situation, there’s a new Google Chrome extension that helps you get around that annoying problem.

The extension is called APK Downloader. It lets you download apps from the Android Market website, and save the accompanying .APK file on your computer. From there, all you have to do is sideload the file onto your phone and begin its installation. You can also use this extension to download apps that may not be available in your country.

There are a few things to make a note of. First, APK Downloader only works with free applications. You can only download paid apps if you purchased them previously on your account. Secondly, you have to disable SSL error warnings by following a series of steps. Lastly, the developer assures us they aren’t collecting email addresses or passwords. The developer does know which apps are downloaded though. They’re even offering up the source code to APK Downloader just to prove they aren’t doing anything shady.

You can follow all the steps from the link below.

Via [code kiem co’m]

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