Amazon’s February 28, 2012 Gold Box has 7 game Lightning Deals (Update)

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It has been such a long time since Amazon’s decided to give gamers a break and offer some drastic lightning deals. I’d say it’s been about a month. But now the drought is over as the February 28, 2012 Gold Box is filled with video games and one Xbox 360 headset. Almost every system is covered with at least one game available, except for the 3DS. Of course, that’s backwards compatible and there is a DS game showing up later today, so technically there’s something for 3DS owners too.

Let’s go ahead and review what’s available now and will show up throughout the day!

  • 6am PST: Army Corps of Hell (Vita) – $29.99
  • 8am PST: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (PSP) – $13.99
  • 10am PST: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3, Xbox 360) – $44.99
  • 1pm PST: Ear Force X41 (Xbox 360) – $89.99
  • 3pm PST: Zumba Fitness 2 (Wii) – $29.99
  • 6pm PST: “Its getting dark in here… Again” – Darkness II (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • PST: “Play with all your favorite toys within this DS game” – I’m not sure, but I think it may be a Toy Story game

Am I the only one surprised to see a Vita game already in there? I really wasn’t expecting that!

Amazon also has two general deals of the day. One is Star Wars: The Old Republic, the new BioWare Windows MMORPG, for $39.99 instead of $59.99. The other is Stronghold III, which is temporarily $14.99 instead of $49.99. If you want to take advantage of that deal, be aware that it’s only available at that price as a download for Windows PCs. If you’d order a physical copy, it’d cost you $39.99.

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