EA’s Origin is making things difficult for The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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The Simpsons Tapped Out is an EA game. That means its online features have to go through Origin. Many gamers will tell you Origin hasn’t necessarily been a shining example of how a major online gaming service should function. Origin is known for spitting out errors across multiple games. The Simpsons Tapped Out is no exception.

EA made the decision to make The Simpsons Tapped Out unplayable unless you’re connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or a data connection. Due to this requirement, you’re left to the mercy of Origin’s servers to dictate whether you’re going to have a pleasant gaming experience. Unfortunately Origin is causing server errors for many people playing The Simpsons Tapped Out. A lot of user reviews are also complaining about having their progress reset multiple times.

I’ve witnessed a few of the bugs people are talking about. There are times when I will be kicked from the game and have to redo certain actions. I never lost a significant amount of progress, but it’s clear others have. With this being a game that heavily depends on microtransactions, the last thing EA needs are complaints from people losing money due to server errors.

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  • Brandon Desplenter

    Phew.. Thanks for clearing that up, I got same exact problems but a friend of mine doesn’t so I got concerned. Glad to know I’m not the only one but EA or Origin should really make work of this.

  • SharoFFenstein

    That is so true! This is probably the most unstable game I have ever played on an iOS device… Damn… I actually even lost money on it. Got so hooked on it for a time that I decided to invest in some of those donuts… The pack of 60 pieces… Just because I had to change my card info on iTunes meanwhile, this result in me actually paying for something I didn’t get. I think its because the game can’t run in the background, and therefore it couldn’t communicate with iTunes by the time I continued the purchase….

    But this doesn’t end here… Because when I tried to contact apple and EA about this issue, they just sends you to the partner, like Apple say EA are responsible for this, while EA tells that it’s Apples responsibility…. So I got nowhere…. :-S

    I hope somebody will learn from my mistake 😉 Even that I had to do it the hard way…

  • Mudassir Hameed

    Stupid game wont load! Server blah blah.. How disappointing,

  • infamous gamer

    i expect some free doughnuts for this!

  • Martin parry

    3 days now and still getting the same errors.. Driving me insane! I would have hoped they’d have sorted the issues out by now

  • Fitz

    Mine will log me in fine most of the time but when i try to add a friend thats when things go to hell. Ill be fully connected to the wifi or even my 3g and still i can not connect enough to add a friend :( add me please FITZ539 :)

  • kenneth

    Taking game off iphone. if origin kicks you out must restart from nada. not worth the time


    I got jacked yesterday by losing everything. I was in Level 17 then went back to Level 1 for whatever reasons… I log in with the same email and password. Looks like it’s a reset to Level 1. I’m glad I didn’t spend any money. Beware!

    • Luis Cabrera

      The same happened to me! on the same level, with the difference that I spent money to complete halloween tasks! At least, they should refund my money!

  • jtooscary

    is there anyone answering to any of your questions? just today i tried to get on it and it keeps kicking me out. ill get in then god forbid i try to collect my money it kicks me out, like the game is giving me the finger.


      Forget the game. It’s a huge waste of time and money if you’re bying donnuts. Nobody is answering here. I posted a complain on EA site about the issue and they said they’re still working on it. There are 100’s around the world who are having the same problem and some of them had spent $$$ with no refund. Again, Do not use money ton purchase donnuts.

  • Ruthie myers

    Was on level 15 now everything is gone and origin won’t come up for me to try to log back in. I’m not happy at all. Same thing happened to my husband a few weeks ago he just started all over. I won’t this needs fixed !

  • Kevin

    Origin icon is not appearing for me to log in to I can play my game. Is this because of the Christmas update? I can only play anonymously and I can’t get to the Origin screen on either the home screen or the one where you can go to add friends. Please fix this!

  • http://TechnologyTell Violet

    EA has taken us gamers to the bank again with this game! I’ve invested time,energy and $$ in the game and their silence is all we are getting. If my game doesn’t come back; I’m dome with EA

  • Joseph J. Montgomery

    My son and I just both lost everything and were both quite advanced in the game. We both had alot of time and money in this game. One is on iPad, the other iPhone.
    My son was near tears considering how much time was put into it.
    EA should owe us, but once bitten, twice shy.
    We will NEVER use them again, and I will spread the word for others never to use them as well.

    • Me

      Just had the same thing happen–was on Level 17 after spending hours and nearly 100 dollars on donuts. I am done with EA and Origin, and will make sure to inform everyone I know about just how much EA really does suck.

  • http://eaorigins,simpsonstappedout Jerin horter

    I just made it to level 8 and i was super interested in this game and paid money into a scratch off (only a buck, but still) just to have my game fail the next day and i have to start all over again. Im glad i didnt spend more cause this game is super fun. Origin needs to get there problem fixed, to bas im gonna delete the game cause im not starting over again.

  • Steve

    Never been reset but every time I try to sign in to origin account to add friends n utilize online gameplay stuff it takes me through the sign up crap then when it gets to add ur username it just says error login failed can’t reach piece of crap origin server to create account. Is there any way to fix this? What good is a social game that you can’t access any of the social features on. Total BS!!!!!

  • cole

    this game is bs i cannot access my freaking freinds list it says error cannot connect to server… well fk ur server i quit im lvl 15 and have 65k and 3 donuts and i wasted weeks on this game for nothing they need to get there crap together it is seriouslt annyoing iv had my progress reset 3 times!!!! i keep playing because it is alot of fun. i enjoy ea games there always pretty good but orgin is horrid they need something new or something that can support the amount of players that play there games

  • rosaly

    My english is not good but i try to speak
    I have a tapped out account and i want to log in theres coms a error in my screen with bart with uhgg not this screen again i cant log in on another account i have 2 accounts and if i go to the other account and look by my friends i see my city (from my other email adress) but the name is changed so i was hacked by someone but i want to play what can i do ? :(!!!!!!

  • d

    more like crapped out. **** origin and ea for this. i want my 100 dollars back

  • d

    they need to block all free players from playing and get their priorities right and at least let people like me who paid 100 bucks be able to play what i paid for smh

  • michael ridings

    I was on level 38 got logged out had to change my password now I have been restarted to level ten not at all happy with this .

  • http://Error Pam

    A couple of my characters are in error mode and I cannot unlock them, what do I need to do?

  • Jeannie Rae Nelson AKA Nana Rae

    I was on level 46 and it was time for an update about five days ago. After the update was completed, my game came back on but it was no longer level 46. It was clear down to level 6. I have been playing this game for almost two years, and now feel like it has been a total waste of my time. I have tried shutting the game off and turning it back on. No luck. I deleted it and re installed it but to no avail. My origin is jnelson779. Please fix this as I would really like to get back to my own level 46 . You have remedied tthis same problem for me before and I thank you so much for it. Thank you for your time and patience.

    Thank you ,
    Jeannie R. Nelson

  • ed

    I keep trying to log in and my phone continues to say Unfortunately, tapped out has stopped working (or something like that). I tried for 24 hours with no change. I have been forced to uninstall the game and have nothing but hope that I will be able to pick up where I have left off. I am on level 32 and I have 700,000 saved up (which didn’t happen overnight, Its taken a few weeks to get to that ). I wish that I didn’t have this issue occur. Love the game…don’t love the problems of being kicked out randomly and this issue of not being able to get into the game. FIX IT EA!!
    Username: edfitts1