Dungeon Village is Kairosoft’s latest addition to the Android Market

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About a month ago, Kairosoft released the Japanese version of Dungeon Village (which we referred to as RPG Story) in the Android Market. Today, the English version is now available for the now standard Kairosoft pricing of $4.99. Dungeon Village is essentially a town building game, but the visitors are adventurers and heroes who are on their way to slay some monsters.

As the visitors take on monsters, they’ll acquire items that they send back to your town. You’ll then sell those goods and use the proceeds to improve the quality of your town. You can also throw items into a magic Cauldron which may grant you with a rare item in return. The adventurers will eventually decide to live in your town.

You can improve the combat prowess of your town’s visitors by creating “Combat Schools” and “Magic Labs.”

I haven’t played this game yet, but I’m not expecting anything other than pure fun.

Download Link [Android Market]

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