EA is trying to fix The Simpsons: Tapped Out [update]

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out went from having a four star rating to a two star rating in 24 hours. The vast majority of users are being disconnected from servers (a constant internet connection is required), losing progress and encountering several bugs. Can you imagine spending over $1000 virtual dollars on a piece of land only to not be able to access it later on? This is the kind of the thing that has made The Simpsons: Tapped Out go from highly anticipated to universally loathed.

Staying true to the Simpsons style of humor, EA has updated the game’s description to address the issues a lot of players are having.

“The response to The Simpsons: Tapped Out has been overwhelmingly positive – so overwhelmingly, in fact, it has created some connection issues,” the description reads. “If you are now experiencing this with the game, it’s likely the cause. We are currently working on a solution, and we’ll have more info to share soon. Thanks for your patience.”

Considering the fact EA recently pulled Battlefield 3: Aftershock from the Apple App Store (it’s not coming back by the way), it’s disheartening to see The Simpsons: Tapped Out going down the same path.

Update 11:29am EST: It’s currently impossible to access the servers for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It has been this way for several hours.

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  • saul

    if the game is discontinued do the users get their money back on any items purchased for the game

  • Jessica

    They seriously need to fix this game. This is the greatest iPod app. . Fix it soon pleease

  • Natalie

    I was on level 18 and I went back in to play my game and it was all gone. Soooo frustrating!! Is there any way to get it back?? I have logged out and back in and nothing. It still updates me about things with my springfield but doesnt show up…HELP!!

    • Tanya

      The same thing just happened to me… so whats the answer do we ever get it back? and who can I contact about this?

  • Joey

    If EA can’t “cut the mustard” and actually do something right, then why don’t they just give the game to a company that can!

  • Joan

    So frustrating have not been to play for two days :(

  • Leah

    I just cannot understand why EA Sports feels its right to ask people to spend money on a complete disaster. the game constantly malfunctions, never saves any progress and forces me to start over because EA sports cannot do an adequate job at providing dependable services……But they will certainly have no problem taking your money…..repeatly. Im am heavily disappointed because I am a huge Simpsons fan, but this make me no longer want to watch the show……the shitty experience puts a bad taste in my mouth

  • Patricia Breitschwerdt

    My game froze up. It goes past tap to go on then it starts making weird noises but it won’t open up. Please fix it

  • Patricia Breitschwerdt

    My game froze up when is leveling to 26 I have not been able to get into the game since Sunday morning and I need this problem fixed. I have used a lot of money on this game and I am always afraid to spend more. For this very reason. Pleased get this game fixed soon.

  • Opsman1234

    Game froze up at level 26 and won’t reload. I have deleted the game off of my phone completely and reloaded it and it still hangs up. I even tried logging in through my wife’s phone and it still locks up. This might be a profile issue. Please fix it EA, I love this game.

  • Carole leonardis

    I also am locked out of tapped out Simpsons …I keep hearing chimes when I try to get on…I am really upset… I spent a lot of money for donuts….this is ridiculous!! Please help…… I am addicted!!!! Going crazyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    I had 23 hearts and they disappeared. My donuts get taken when I am collecting my money and XP. The box pops up with the time left for next pay and use donuts for faster pay. I guess I must be bumping the donuts. The box should not even open when tapping the dollar sign ! I do not play with any friends.

  • Ryan nat

    I want my money back!!!!
    I loved this game. It hasn’t worked in about a week. I had everything!!! I’m pissed!!!! I want my money back!!!!!

  • Rachel Durham

    After my last update I opened my game it froze. I closed it. Tryed to reopen and has been 4 days . Still nothing. Please fix soon.

  • robert

    somethings up with the last update i cant get past the load screen on my main but i can get in with my level 2 alt. so yeah dont know whats up with that but its really pissing me off

  • Stephanie

    I really love this game but now everytime I open the app it tells me I need an update when I go to the webpage for the update it will not let me update or it will tell me that it is already installed but I still cant play my game this sucks please how can I fix this?? I haven’t been able to play in two days :'(

  • wendy

    It was supposed to up date to christmas 2013 and. We still cant get back to our towns how come?

  • Lynne

    When are you going to update to Christmas

  • d

    more like CRAPPED OUT! I spent 100 bucks on donuts and I want my money back unless ea can get their crap fixed! this is bull ****!

  • Pottiejoe

    I think that the iPhone update and the game update at the same time Caused a spatial flux in the space time continuum The game is really working but you are not seeing it.

    • Jedsmommy21

      I think so too bc I updated my iPhone 4 on Tuesday to the last ISO n ever since then. It won’t load rite n crashes my phone n makes it restart.

  • Jedsmommy21

    I recently updated my iPhone to the last ISO n since I did on Tuesday my simpsons tapped out game has not been running right at all it’s super slow n sometimes it won’t even load onto the game n makes my iPhone crash n restart. I am very mad about this I’m level 36 n addicted to the game. I have even went to wifi n it still does not work. Please help

  • ken

    Offs I got to level 16 now it goes back to stage 1 but then it says no server thanks era thanks

  • http://simpsonstappedout julie hoather

    I can’t load game at all, It asks me to log in but yet refuses my password,I can’t reset my password as the page never loads up, I’ve had this for over a week,,,got simpsons withdrawal now,,,from daily player to zero all in a week…..Will we ever get to at Simpson’s again? Will I ever get password changed or accepted????

  • Dennis attarian

    Stuck on dog track wont let me do anything fix it or give money back game was fun until now

  • Dennis attarian

    Stuck on dog track fix it spent a lot of money on doughnuts game was fun to play until now if u can’t fix it I want my money back