The Simpsons: Tapped Out gets pulled from the Apple App Store [update]

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At around 6:30am EST Saturday morning, I tried to log-in to The Simpsons: Tapped Out to check on my moonshine brewing operation. I wasn’t successful because I kept getting a server error. Based on the number of increasingly angry reviews on iTunes, it appeared everyone was getting the same connection error. EA also supposedly sent out a push notification telling users about the downtime. As of a few hours ago, I was able to get back into the game. The problems still persist and EA also decided it would be best to remove The Simpsons: Tapped Out from the Apple App Store.

I’ve managed to have a relatively smooth experience with The Simpsons: Tapped Out over the past couple days despite what everyone else are complaining about. But this most recent time, I couldn’t get back into my Springfield unless I signed into Origin. If I didn’t sign into Origin, I’d either never connect, or the game would go right back to the tutorial. I also have to sign back into Origin every time I close the app or put my iPod Touch into sleep mode. I never had to continuously sign in before.

This game has a long way to go before it can be deemed playable by the majority of players. We’re starting to see a repeat of what happened with Battlefield 3: Aftershock. Hurry up EA, people are about ready to quit.

Update: Here’s EA’s statement:

To ensure current players have the best possible experience, we’ve temporarily removed The Simpsons: Tapped Out from the App Store to limit the game’s server capacity to its current players and address connectivity and lag time issues.

If you’ve downloaded the game, you can continue to play. Actually, your experience should only improve as we work on a solution. As soon as we have resolved these issues to handle greater player capacity, we will return The Simpsons: Tapped Out to the App Store so that even more people can enjoy this “life-ruiningly fun” game. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for their patience, and we will provide an update as soon as we have more information to share.

Via [EA]

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