Android Amusements: Get lost in Dungeon Village [video]

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Whenever Kairosoft releases a new Android game, it’s nearly impossible for me to ignore it. Every single one has been good even though all of Kairosoft’s titles have a similar premise. In Dungeon Village, the primary objective is to make as much money as possible (like always). However, Kairosoft has you accomplish this by providing goods and services to passing adventurers. 

You know how older RPGs would always have you visiting different towns in order to break up the action? You’re in charge of one of those kind of towns. Your village has an inn, a weapon shop, armor shop, accessory shop, a pharmacy and a host of other businesses that adventurers need to frequent. The adventurers will fight monsters and bring any items and money they acquire back to your village. You’re basically using the spoils of war to your advantage by selling those items right back to adventurers. The more money you make, the more popular your town becomes. Adventurers will come from all over to visit your village and will eventually settle down by purchasing a house. That’s when the taxes come in.

Despite not having any direct control over combat, Dungeon Village does let you decide which weapons, armor and accessories each adventurer has. You can either purchase gear for them, or give it to them as a present. Their stats will change according to that particular present.

Dungeon Village also lets you upgrade your village, host special events and change the jobs of your adventurers to the betterment of your village.

There’s a lot going on here. If you’re confused or intrigued, check out the video below for a full explanation.

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