Vita owners can get MotorStorm RC for free

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Do you like to get full versions of commercial games for free? Good, because if you own a Vita you’ve got one. When MotorStorm RC debuts on the PlayStation Store on March 6, 2012, Vita owners will be able to download it for free. It’s all part of a promotional deal with Toyota’s Scion brand.

Normally, MotorStorm RC would cost $9.99. Because of this deal, that fee is temporarily being waved. Anyone with a Vita can claim a copy and start enjoying it forever. People who delay don’t get anything, as this is a limited promotion and eventually Sony will start charging for Motorstorm RC again. By the way, this whole deal came up because the Vita version of the game has a Scion iQ in it.

MotorStorm RC is pretty similar to other MotorStorm games. You can race an assortment of cars from different categories on 16 different kinds of tracks. There’ll even be DLC released. The only difference is, this time you’re racing toy, remote controlled cars instead of actual virtual cars.

PS3 owners can also immediately start playing MotorStorm RC tomorrow. However, they don’t get it for free. It’s $9.99 unless you’re a PlayStation Plus member. It’s temporarily on sale for them for $7.49.

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