Fable: The Journey momentarily had a September 4, 2012 release date

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2012 will definitely be a good year for Fable fans. We already know Fable Heroes will be out and it seems like Fable: The Journey will be too. While we don’t know the exact release dates for either, for a brief moment,‘s listing for Fable: The Journey changed. It said Lionhead Studios and Microsoft’s next adventure would be out on September 4, 2012 and offered some new looks at the new FPS set in Albion.

Microsoft has since caught it’s little slip-up. The new screenshots are still there, showing some spell casting and wagon adventuring. The description has been altered. It now doesn’t say people can use Kinect to do some hand-wavy spells or puzzle solving on September 4, 2012. The new release date is apparently December 31, 2012. The real question is if this is the new, real release date or if it’s just a place holder to throw people off and make them forget the September 4 leak.

We first learned about Fable: The Journey at E3 2011 and I’m sure we’ll see it again at E3 2012. In this entry, players are a Dweller who helps a woman named Theresa save Albion from The Corruption. Players use Kinect to cast spells with their hands. New spells are learned by beating enemies and using their life force to unlock them. Based on the information from the listing, there will definitely be DLC and there may be multiplayer. I mean, there’s not much point including “Voice Chat” in a single player game!

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