Akira Yuki to join the roster for Dead or Alive 5

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Fighting fans will be happy to know that Team Ninja has announced a new and familiar face for its upcoming release Dead or Alive 5.

Akira Yuki, better known as the mascot of the Virtua Fighter series, is adding his ranks to the already awesome list of playable fighters for Dead or Alive 5.

Utilizing a Chinese martial art known as Bājíquán, Akira has become a serious, well-disciplined fighter despite his past as an impulsive hot-headed youngster.

There will also be an all new interactive jungle stage created in the game to supplement the new character. Players will have to worry about being pulled into the current as they fight and the more damage they do to the raft the more likely players will be to fall in. However it can also be used as a training ground for your characters to become master fighters.

This is not only a big deal for Virtua Fighter fans but for the DOA franchise as well since it marks the first time they have ever included a character from a different fighting game.

Dead or Alive 5 will be released September 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and, we hope, with additional characters and surprises.

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