Lightning Rod, Sunburn and Zook Skylanders now available

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Okay everyone, it’s time for a public gaming announcement! The Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure universe is expanding! Activision’s just sent out word that two more single figures and one more adventure pack are headed to stores. Let’s hear your squeals of delight!

I don’t hear any squealing.

Seriously, this is kind of a big deal as the three figures look really cool. The single figures are the last wind and life Skylanders, Lightning Rod and Zook. Lightning Rod kind-of looks a little like a blue, cartoonish version of Zeus and chucks lightning bolts. Zook, pictured above in the game, is a stump of anthropomorphic bamboo who shoots rockets at people. They’ll set you back $7.99-$9.99 each, depending on which store you buy them from. Check Target or Best Buy first, as they’re usually cheaper. Toys R Us and GameStop are the most expensive.

The Dragon’s Peak adventure pack is a $19.99 Toys R Us exclusive. Of course, since it’s at Toys R Us it’ll have a premium price and be $24.99 instead. It comes with the last fire Skylander, Sunburn the griffin. Okay, he’s really supposed to be a dragon-phoenix hybrid, like Whirlwind is a dragon-unicorn hybrid, but I call them like I see them! It also comes with the Dragon’s Peak ruins chapter, a Sparx the Dragonfly figure that will temporarily become your Skylander’s companion and Winged Boots that provide a speed boost. If Sparx sounds familiar, that’s because he used to be Spyro’s sidekick in the official games.

I’m getting the Dragon’s Peak pack. I don’t care that Toys R Us will rip me off. That griffin/dragon-phoenix is too cool to resist!

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