TechnologyTell steals Sony’s thunder ahead of new Vita game announcements

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Sony is all set to hold its PlayStation Vita Game Heaven event in a couple days. On that day, Sony is going to announce some new Vita games. A reasonable amount of anticipation was building for this event as we wondered what unannounced titles Sony would surprise us with. Thanks to UK retailer, Sony’s big Vita game announcements may have just fizzled. 

According ot Eurogamer had product pages ready to go for Monster Hunter Portable 3, Final Fantasy Type-O HD, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights and Tales Of Innocence R. Most of the pages have been taken down, but the page for Monster Hunter Portable 3 still remains for some reason.

The Vita isn’t doing so well in Japan right now. It was always my belief that Sony needed to release a Monster Hunter Vita game to send demand for the handheld soaring. Over in the the states, I think the public has no problem with another portable GTA game.

Via [Eurogamer]

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