Lightning’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 episode DLC coming in May

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 was good, but it was also incredibly frustrating. I mean, it ended on a cliffhanger! Square Enix then said that some of the issues would be resolved with DLC episode add-ons. The first episode, which focused on Sazh and the casino Serendipity, was just released and really only told us what happened to Sazh and what Chocolina was. Famitsu says the next episode should be more enlightening since it’s all about Lightning and Caius.

Yes, the Lightning episode is coming soon! It’ll be out in May. You can wait two more months for closure, right?

The details of this FFXIII-2 DLC episode are still very vague. All Famitsu really said was that the add-on will explain the endings, show what’s going on with Lightning and offer a slightly different battle system. Which means sense because the introduction to FFXIII-2 had Lightning and Caius dueling and consisted of quick time events. It will be out in May 2012 and I’m sure it’ll have a simultaneous, worldwide launch like most of the other FFXIII-2 content.

So here’s what we have to look forward to:

  • Jihl Nabaat Coliseum fight
  • Typhoon Coliseum fight
  • Assassin’s Creed costume for Noel
  • Mass Effect costumes
  • Lightning’s story

Now that Square Enix’s gotten a taste of the money that can come from releasing Final Fantasy DLC, it seems it has no intention of stopping.

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