Practice Sorcery on May 22

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Remember back at E3 2010, when the PlayStation Move still seemed like a good idea? We heard tell of a promsing game called Sorcery. It would have allowed players to fight evil by using the Move’s motion controls to cast spells. It sounded magical. And then we didn’t hear any major news about it for two years. Don’t worry – it’s not cancelled. Far from it! It now has a solid, May 22, 2012 release date!

The Nightmare Queen is on the loose, and she’s brought all of her nightmare minions with her. Worse of all, it’s Finn’s fault. He’s a sorcerer’s apprentice that listened to a magic cat and went for a walk in the realm of the dead. As you can probably guess, that’s how the Nightmare Queen got out. Fortunately, Finn does know some magic and going around the Faerie Kingdoms to undo his mistake is the perfect way to learn more.

Sorcery is going to be an action game with some RPG elements. Finn will be able to learn over 12 spells, for example, and will end up helping townspeople he’ll meet and using various items. His success depends on player’s skill in using magic against enemies and their brains against puzzles.

The best part is, Sorcery is actually pretty darn affordable. It’s only going to cost $39.99. Of course, you do need Move to play, but that isn’t even a big deal now. You can find a bundle with that for under $99.99, easy. You can get the starter bundle for $69.95 through Amazon right now.

I’m still a little wary of Sorcery. It looks good and is reminding me a bit of Folklore, which I loved, but for some reason I can’t shake the feeling that it may not be as awesome as it appears.

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