Zuma’s Revenge unleashed on iOS devices

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Whenever a PopCap game is released on a new platform, all hope for productivity disappears for a few days. Which means it’s time to brace yourself as Zuma’s Revenge is now available for iOS devices in both a standard and HD edition. It’s time for match-3 goodness with a marble spouting frog!

Zuma’s Revenge is a marble shooter game along the lines of Luxor. Colored marbles are constantly moving down a path and you have to shoot more at them out of the frog’s mouth. If you match three or more of the same color together, the marbles disappear and you get points. Make all the marbles in a level disappear and you get to keep playing. Zuma’s Revenge will offer you ample opportunity to undertake that challenge, since it has 60 Adventure and 60 Challenge levels to complete. 120 different levels should last quite a while.

A Zuma’s Revenge trailer has been released as well. It offers some quick flashes of gameplay footage.

Wow, PopCap’s really made a Zuma’s Revenge push! We get the DSiWare version for the DSi and 3DS and iOS versions all at once. I’m sure casual gamers will be very pleased, especially since the touch controls will probably enhance the overall experience. I’d recommend going with the standard or HD iOS version though, as the DSiWare one is much more expensive. It’s $7.99, compared to $1.99 and $4.99 for the former and latter.

Product Page [iTunes]

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