Sony acknowledges mistakes with PlayStation Move

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Sony really pushed PlayStation Move when it was fresh on the market, but much has changed since 2010. We haven’t seen too many high profile games that require PlayStation Move. Instead, developers have been using Move as an optional way to play their games. In the case of first-person shooters such as Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, an additional accessory is needed to make the experience tolerable. Sony admitted it dropped the ball with Move when speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK. This is the first step towards correcting the problem.

The executive vice president of Sony UK Fergal Gara told the magazine the quality of games designed for Move has been lacking.

“What I’m thinking is that it’s better suited towards the casual market, certainly, but we also are pretty clear that we could have done a better job on the titles we’ve had and we’ve brought to market for the PlayStation Move,” Gara said.

Gara also said Sony hasn’t forgotten about Move and better games are coming.

Sony has shipped 10.5 million Move and Navigation Controller units. We still don’t know exactly how many Sony actually sold. The fact that Sony keeps avoiding that announcement leads us to believe Move isn’t doing as well as Sony hoped. Then again, given the number of quality Move titles, what could anyone expect?

Via [Official PlayStation Magazine UK]

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  • Brian Allen

    How about Sony admits they have screwed up this round of the console wars beyond belief? From the launch price, to Move, to the failure to secure credit card info, it’s been a sad showing.