Temple Run scam app returns with a new name

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Will the madness ever end? Imangi Studios recently announced the official launch date for Temple Run on Android is March 27. Before the announcement, Temple Run prompted shady developers to create malicious apps bearing its name. Google started cracking down and removed some of the apps that caused the most problems. However, one other scam app named Temple Run Fan has avoided detection. How you ask? Well, the developer simply changed the app’s name.

I discovered this while doing some late night browsing in Google Play. In the “Top New Free” section of the Google Play app, there is an app called Racing Car Real HD currently occupying the #32 spot. Since this app’s name is way too similar to Real Racing HD on iOS, I suspected something was fishy. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the app and read its description that was placed below a few pictures of racing cars.

Here’s what it said:

“Racing Car Real HD
Cool Racing Car Game,Best Racing Car App!!
Real HD!!”

For the record, a dodgy description is usually a clear sign of a scam app.

Anyway, I started reading reviews and learned this isn’t a racing game. It’s apparently some kind of awful puzzle game that shows pictures of cars. Besides that, I also noticed the reviews started talking about Temple Run out of the blue.

I wondered why would so many people were talking about Temple Run in the review section of a racing car app. I decided to do a Google search for the developer of Racing Car Real HD that goes by the name “Open Apps Studio.” The third search result is a Google Play link to Temple Run Fan. When I clicked on it, the link directed me to Racing Car Real HD. Open Apps Studio, consider yourself busted.


Do not download Racing Car Real HD. It will read your web browsing history and bookmarks before spamming your Android device with ads. It can even install applications without your permission. If you must do something, report this app to Google and have it removed.

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